Fruit Juice making that Brings money in Excess

Fruit juice making as a very fast money yielding business is produced and packaged in cans or carton packs.As a young entrepreneur it is always good to start in small quantity first before proceeding to a large quantity.

 I started by producing for the house (that is my family) then I further it by producing to the neighbors around and when I discovered that the demand became higher and higher I started higher scale productions.

Fruit juice is very good to the body and it provides the body with vitamins and also aids digestion.
  It can be taken in all weather condition but for me it is best in the afternoon. You can choose to take your fruit juice with snacks or along side with your meal.

Now with this method that am about to teach you, you will be able to produce not just this fruit juice that I will make but many other fruit juice.

 In this article I will use only pineapple to demonstrate this process of juice production but am very very sure that at the end of this you will be able to produce other juice like mango juice, apple juice, orange juice, guava juice etc.

Note: there is a serious need for absolute neatness during this exercise.

Production of Pineapple Juice

Hey dear readers before we go into the process that is involved, lets first of all look at the apparatus that are used in the production of pineapple juice.

Apparatus for juice making

The following apparatus listed below are used in the production of fruit juice.

Fruit extracting machine (extractor)
Heat source
Cans or bottles
Bowl and

Chemicals for juice making

Few chemicals are used for juice making, they include:

¼ spoon of stabilizer (Na.citrate)
¼ spoon citric acid
1/8 spoon of preservative (Na. Benzoate)
Sugar and Aspartine (sweeter)


Procedure for the Preparation of Pineapple Juice

Carefully follow the guide or steps below to make your fruit juice.

  • Step 1: Peel off the back of pineapple and cut it into smaller fragments;

  • Step 2: Homogenize the fruit fragment with a fruit extractor machine such as Braville extractor which is the one I use and it’s there in the market.
  • Step 3: After extracting the juice, pasteurize it by leaving it on heat at the temperature of (35-45°C), and allow it warmed.
  • Step 5: Add the chemicals above simultaneously or one after another whichever way is ok and your pineapple juice is set.
  • You can now package it in cans or you can choose to use containers.

Important note: Ensure that you register your products with NAFDAC before sending it to the public for use. 

It is always advisable to start with homemade use production first to become an expert and also to know it very well before going into the main business.

Wow! Now you have seen that Fruit Juice Making is not hard at all. I want you to start immediately and make your cool money.

 I will be looking at how to make soya milk and I wouldn’t want you to miss out so keep checking. It’s  coming up soon!!!



  1. Admin thank you very much for this article, a pineapple fruit juice is a natural drink and is good to the body. How to make natural coconut oil.

  2. I enjoyed reading your article. Please make more interesting topics like this on.
    I'll come back for more :)

    From Japs a researcher from Always Open Commerce


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