How to Make Liquid Soap Like Morning Fresh with Ease

Hello every one, here is another important article on how to make liquid soap like morning fresh. Have you ever wondered how it is made? It is not hard at all, with only little knowledge you will be able to produce it by yourself. 

You can also choose to market it if you wish. The following are the chemicals that are used to make liquid soap (morning fresh) with their measurement.

Chemicals for Making Liquid Soap (Morning Fresh)

Note: the measurement is for 25 liters of liquid soap (morning fresh)

  • ¼ of Soda ash

  • ½ of Laurel rice

  • ¼ of STPP

  • 1/16   of Caustic soda

  • ¼ of Natrosol

  • ¼ of Formalin

  • ¼ of texapon

  • 2 liters of sulphonic acid

  • Perfume

  • colour.

Various Functions of Liquid Soap Chemicals

Before I proceed to the procedure of making the liquid soap, let’s look at the various functions of the chemicals listed above starting from the first one.

  • Soda ash (a cleansing agent)

  • Laurel Rice (a foaming agent)

  • STPP (it is a thickening agent, and also a cleaning agent)

  • Caustic soda (it is also cleaning agent)

  • Natrosol (it is also a cleaning and thickening agent)

  • Formalin (a preservative agent)

  • Texapon (it is a foaming agent)

  • Sulphonic acid (it is also a foaming agent)

  • Perfume (a nice fragrance to the soap)

  • Colour.

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Before looking into to the procedure of making the soap, let’s take a look at the precautions in using some of the chemicals since some of them needs to be handled with care.

 Precautions for Handling Chemicals

  • Caustic soda is to be used in a small quantity since too much of it peels the hand.
  • Formalin is another harmful chemical that need to be used in a small quantity, it causes cancer if abused. Just a cap of ever water will do or will be enough.

Procedure for Making Liquid Soap (Morning Fresh)

The following are the procedure or steps for making your liquid soap (morning fresh or mama lemon):

  • Step 1: soak the laurel Rice in a bowl.

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  • Step 2: mix the STPP with some water in another bowl.

  • Step3: mix also a small quantity of Caustic Soda in a separate bowl.

  • Step4:Also mix  Soda ash in a different bowl.

  • Step 5: Now get a bigger bucket, mix sulphonic acid and Texapon together. Mix them properly until they are well dissolved.

  • Step 6: Leave the chemicals for about 30 minutes for them to dissolve properly.

  • Step 7: you can now  take a very big bowl or bucket that will take about 30 liters of water or more and fill half of it with clean water.

  • Step 8: Add the Natrosol gradually into the big 30 liters bucket and stir it gently.

  • Step 9: After that, pour the dissolved content of small bowls (that is Laurel Rice, STPP, Caustic soda, and Soda ash).into the Natrosol one after the other respectively into the big bucket.

  • Step 10: Then pour the mixture content of sulphonic acid and texapon in the big bucket containing the mixture of Laurel Rice, STPP, Caustic soda, Soda ash and stir properly. Don’t stop stirring until it reach about 10-15 minutes.

  • Step 11: then add a small quantity of Formalin for preservative. Like I stated earlier, formalin is dangerous so you are advised to handle it with care.

  • Step 12: add colour to your satisfaction and stir properly for about 5 minutes.

  • Step 13: Then add perfume and also stir for about 5 or 6 minutes.

Leave it for about 10 minutes to settle before you use. Now finally your liquid soap is ready to be used. You can now use your soap to wash your dishes.

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