How To Prepare a Delicious Fried Rice With Chicken

In the world today, fried rice is the most popular occasional food. It is easy to serve and accepted by almost every one, and also very attractive to look at. It can be so easy to prepare if you know the steps. Before I dive into details on how to prepare a delicious fried rice, lets look at the nutritional content of fried rice.

Nutritional Content of Fried Rice

Fried rice is a diet that contains all the six classes of food.These six classes of food includes:
  • Carbohydrate (rice)
  •  vitamins (carrot, spring onions, green beans)
  •  protein (liver or beef)
  • fat and oil (your vegetable oil)
  • Mineral salt (table salt)
  • water. 
Thus, this make fried rice to be very rich and balanced. 

How To Prepare a Delicious Fried Rice With Chicken

 Fried Rice Ingredient List


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The following are the ingredients needed in the preparation of fried rice.

  • Rice
  • Green pepper
  • Carrot
  • Green beans
  • Spring onions (optional)
  • Liver or beef
  • Vegetable oil
  • Curry (Gino or any other good one)
  • Fresh pepper
  • Onions
  • Green peas (optional) and
  • Seasoning.


Procedure For Cooking Fried Rice

Step 1: Parboil your rice (this is done in order to reduce the starch  content  of the rice). 

Note:  The rice is not allowed to stay too long on the fire otherwise it will be too soft.

step 2: Drain the rice(use a sieve to remove the parboil rice from the hot water)

step 3: Put the pot on the burner and pour your vegetable oil in it. Allow the oil to be hot and then put your chopped onion and pepper to it and stir continuously until the onion and pepper are completely steamed.

Step 4: Add your curry and seasoning  (that is, rayco or maggi, benny seasoning, chicken glory, salt etc.) to taste depending on the one you like and also the quantity that you want.

Step 5: Add a little quantity of water and stir properly again, cover the pot and allow the water to boil for a while ( this is done to prevent the rice from been soaked with water).

Step 6: After the water is boiled, you can now add your rice to it. Cover the pot and allow the rice to be cooked.

How To Prepare a Delicious Fried Rice With Chicken

Step7: While the rice is on the fire, chop your green pepper, green beans, carrot, spring onions and the liver/beef.

Step 8: Put either frying pan or pot on the Bonner and add a little quantity of oil to it, allow the oil to be hot a little and then add your chopped ingredient to it. 

You can add a little seasoning to it (that is one or two cubes of either rayco or maggi is enough depending on the quantity).

Stir it  gently until it is completely steamed. 

Note: while steaming the chopped ingredients, never you cover the pot because if the pot is covered, the grains are cooked instead of been steamed.

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Step 9: Check your rice on the fire if  there  is no more water and check also if it is soft enough to your satisfaction, then you can bring it down so that you can add your steamed source to it.

Step 10: Use a bigger bowl and turn your rice into it, and then use your cooking spoon or any small bowl of your choice to fetch the steamed ingredient bit by bit to mix it to the rice in the big bowl.

 Do this until the entire steamed source or ingredients are used. Mix it gently to avoid the rice from sticking to each other. 

Wow, you can see that, it's very easy to prepare fried rice just in few minutes. hmmm, now you can enjoy your food.

How to Pepper Your Chicken For Fried Rice 

If you wish to take your Fried Rice with Chicken, here is a way that you can spice your chicken for your rice. Follow the few steps below:

  •  Parboil your chicken with enough seasoning in it. 
  •  Blend your fresh pepper, ginger, garlic (optional) and onions.
  •  Fry the blended pepper and onion with little oil and seasoning to taste for a little while.


  • Fry your parboiled chicken and do not allow it to be too crispy.
  •  Remove the fried chicken one after the other and dip it into the fried pepper and onions then allow pepper sauce to touch the whole part of the piece of chicken then you will remove it and put on a tray or bowl.

  • Switch on your oven and lower the heat then put your pepper chicken on your oven tray and leave it for a while. You can also make use of your micro wave oven. Then remove it and put on a tray to air.

Now your pepper chicken is is best served when it is hot!

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