Making of Soya Milk that Taste Better

Soya milk apart from being a big income earning business is also a highly proteinous food drink that nourishes the body. It also helps in the replace of the body warm out tissues.

Without wasting much time, let’s go straight to what we have today which is Making of Soya Milk that Taste Better.

 Have you being wondering on how you can make your soya milk to taste different from others? Well, I don’t want you to worry again because you are now in your solution zone so my dear do yourself a favour and read carefully below. 

When this drink is neatly produced and properly preserved, it can last for months before coagulation and denaturation (that is expiring) will occur.

 As a protein plant, absolute care is to be taken during the production in other to produce a perfect product.

 The types of soya milk are a function of the flavor and colourant added, the shelf life depends on how hygienic the manufacturer is and the preservatives added.

The Nutritional Benefit of Soya Milk

As I earlier stated, soya milk is of great important to the body. It provides the body with the following nutrients:

  • Carbon

  • Hydrogen

  • Oxygen

  • Nitrogen

  • Vitamins   and other minerals.

For soya milk to be produced some equipment are needed for the tasks to be carried out and these equipment are known as apparatus.

Apparatus for soya milk production

For a standard production, machines are used to do most of the jobs and they include:

  • Sorting machine

  • Electric grinder

  • Sieving machine

  • Heating machine (electric heater), and

  • Electric Sealer.

But for the case of local production, we use the following apparatus:

  • Tray pan

  • Big basin

  • Pestle and mortar

  • Sieving cloth or muslin cloth

  • Pot

  • Stove

  • Cans or bottles.
After gathering all the equipments that you need, lets proceed to the ingredients that are needed for this production.

Note: the measurement that I will be using  is for 5 liters  of soya milk. Ok lets go!

  • Soya beans (4 cups)

  • Vanilla flavor (2 sachets)

  • Pineapple flavor (1 sachet)

  • Sugar (2 milk cups)

  • Preservatives: make use of Na.Benzoate (1 ½ tea spoonful)

  • Salt to taste (little)

  • Water (500ml that is about 6 cups or more)

  • Colourants (to taste)

The Step by Step procedure on the Making of Soya Milk.

  • Step 1: sort the beans carefully with hand or use the sorting machine to get rid of the ones that are not good, stones and other unwanted materials.

  • Step 2: use cold water to soak the beans for about 5 hours to remove the testa (a testa is a complex carbohydrate that produces bitter taste) and also to remove the husk. This process is simply called Dehustking.

  • Step 3: after that, resoak the beans in warm water over night.

  • Step 4: wash it carefully the next day to avoid losing the nutrients.
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  • Step 5: grind it using the grinder or if it is for home use, you can make use of the pestle and mortar.

  • Step 6: After grinding, add 200ml that is 2 cups of water or more.

Filter the paste containing the milk with a very neat white muslin cloth into a big bowl, you can keep the chaff for poultry farmers.

  • Step 7: put the filtrate (that is the milk) into a pot and allow it to boil for about 15 minutes, make sure you don’t over heat it to avoid denaturation (that is coagulation) of the proteins.

During the boiling, remove the foams that appear on the top of the pot and lower the heat before adding other ingredients.

  • Step 8: use the measurements of the ingredients listed above to add all the required ingredients, continue the boiling process for about 5-10 minutes again and taste the milk to see if it is still raw. If its not raw after taste, off the heat source and allow the milk to cool.

  • Step 9: package the milk by filling it in bottles or cans then seal it.

Step 10: pasteurize the sealed milk in water bath at the temperature of 75°C-80°C to destroy any invading microbes. Your soya milk is set for supply and use. Store in the refrigerator to chill and serve cold.

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Finally, you have seen that making of soya milk that taste better is an easy thing to do. So go ahead and produce as much as you can.

You can ask your questions in the comment box below, am always available to attend to you!


  1. How many hours will it take to pasteurize the milk in water bath and also where can one get the preservative. Thanks

    1. 12 to 15 minutes is okey. You can get the preservative at any shop where baking ingredients are sold.

  2. The milk that is pasteurize at the temperature of 75-80 degree should not take up to an hour.
    13 to 15 minutes is can get the preservative at any shop where baking ingredients are sold.


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